self-care saga

Writing has helped me learn to express myself through words and feelings, as well as process some complicated things that happen in life. In addition to helping others open their hearts, this blog really helped me open my own and share my truth. I realized through a lot of soul-searching that my self-care cup was empty! I didn’t even know what it was, honestly. I had never taken care of my self in my life, so that’s why it seemed like no matter what I did, my cup was always leaking.


When the whole “self-care” thing blew up, I realized how important it is to your mental health. We are the drivers of this crazy bus, so why not make sure we are adequately taken care of, fed, nourished, etc?? I had the idea to create an acronym for self-care so that I could touch on some topics that have really helped me.

If you want to work on self-care for yourself, check out my posts! Happy healing! 🙂

Set Your Boundaries

Express Your Authentic Self

Learn to Love Your Darkness

Forget About Everyone Else

Cultivate Gratitude

Allow Yourself to Be Human

Respect the Process

Eat to Nourish