Why I’m Feelin’ the Bern & So Should You

Before you go any further, please reevaluate your definition of “socialism”. No, it does not mean communism. No, it doesn’t mean everyone is restricted to making equal salaries and doing work you don’t enjoy in order to support and perpetuate the impoverished lazy lower class. I get really frustrated when talking about politics, because it’s false assumptions and idealized notions that become the topic of debate, not the real issues at hand. Granted, I am no political expert, nor am I a statistician analyzing polls. However, I do know that I am a human being, with a savvy brain and an empathetic heart, just like you and all the other millions of Americans in this country. How much more equal can we get?


To me, socialism means leveling out the playing field, granting each and every citizen the equal opportunity to succeed, to make billions, to see a doctor if he becomes inevitably injured or finds out he has Stage IV pancreatic cancer, which can be from a number of causes, like genetic mutation out of one’s control.  Socialism operates on the sole factor that we are biologically equal fundamentally, therefore, money should not inhibit our right to live an awesome life on our shared planet Earth.

Would you also like to know something funny? The Christian Bible even sides with me on this. Renouncing possessions, treating the poor with dignity and respect, the list goes on. Jesus taught that monetary gains and possessions would not be a deciding factor on your entry to heaven. So why on earth is the Christian Conservative so against socialism? Because they have been played throughout history on the idea that socialism = communism = anti-America. The rich don’t care about Christianity or any other religion. They just care about their money, assets, houses, yachts, etc. I just am stymied by the fact that people still believe that money is the key to happiness and prosperity is something only achieved with 50-60 hour work weeks. Where down the line of history did our way of thinking go wrong?

Opponents of socialism always bring up the same. damn. argument. “You’re taking my money away to give to a free-loader, that’s what our whole country is nowadays. Socialism is evil.” Well, one, this isn’t even a valid point to make. There you go assuming again. For me, I believe that when we are in an environment where certain peoples are restricted from living their happy, God-given or Big Bang-given life, then animosity starts to grow. Fear and hatred bloom from soils of evil. How come she can get what I can’t? Why am I not worth these common rights? What happens next? The disenfranchised classes begin to think they are worthless, unable to produce quality work, why work hard when my efforts will go to the toilet? Why on earth would an African American want to work hard only to be shunned and ostracized by the White man? Feelings of worthlessness cultivate low self-esteem, perpetuating inside the notion that nothing is ever good enough, your right as a being is inferior to mine.

Now, let’s see where we would be on the other end of the spectrum. Citizens are not restricted from voting, healthcare, etc. In this environment, people are not bothered by problems like “Am I going to be able to afford this $4,000 CAT scan?”, but instead can focus on doing them. They can focus on wholeheartedly putting in effort, work, strength into their career. Students can learn to think creatively and critically by attending universities, without having to deal with the guilt and stress of the thousands of dollars of debt they have just dumped on their parents. As creative and critical thinkers, we become living breathing idea machines, churning out different ways and strategies to deal with our evolving planet. This environment of positivity encourages its citizens to be proud of their work, proud of their efforts, and most of all proud of the world that they live in. These feelings transmute to productivity, ingenuity, and innovation. Why is this concept so hard to get through to people?

Socialism also works to prevent an oligarchy from arising, something that we as Americans should be concerned with today. The collective government, body of elected officials by CITIZENS (not freaking lobbyists), decides AS A WHOLE what works best for its people, preventing the rule of the elite, who end up voting to benefit themselves anyway. What’s going on right now, the main concern with Bernie Sanders, is crippling the nation, where a handful of wealthy own basically the entire economy. They don’t care if your daughter gets to grow up to be a beautiful and intelligent scientist, nor do they care that your grandfather died from cancer since your family wasn’t able to afford his doctor visits. They don’t care that you feel oppressed or neglected, they actually prefer it. They create instances that divide the public, steering us away from our universal mission to create a sustainable earth for all our people and live a life plentiful of love and happiness. How can you say you are an American when you talk so distastefully of your neighbors and peers? What kind of patriotism operates on fear and division? Not the good kind.

As for the education argument, did you know that the rich would rather have an uneducated public? Yep. They don’t want us to grow up to be successful; their capital is at stake. They don’t want us to have abilities like critical thinking and logical reasoning, because otherwise we would use our knowledge to make rational decisions, like reallocating our spending and investments into the future, not just their bank accounts in the meantime. They don’t want the Black man or Middle-Eastern man to have equal opportunities, because somehow it threatens their own security. The elite wants us to be ignorant, uninformed, and naive, so that they can keep making money while we worry about the Kardashians or something stupid like that. So then the issue of free education comes up, and everyone goes haywire. They tell you they are after your money or whatever, that your hard-earned pay is going to go to a degenerate on welfare. For starters, that is completely so dumb to believe. Second, what the heck is so cool about money anyway?? How is your life going to be any different than before? You are still going to die one day. You are still going to have to pay bills and taxes. Going back to biblical scriptures, your possessions do not transcend your earthly life. So stop wasting your time chasing a construct that will never satisfy you. Rather, it will always leave you wanting more and more.

Life should not be about desire for more. What is wrong with appreciating what we have? Why does it matter that Donald Trump is a self-proclaimed zillionaire, when he’s spewing hatred and ignorance into the mind of the public? Socialism is a means for reorganizing our economy, so that our lives do not have to be filled with worries about money or affording things that would give us a decent quality of life.

Super Tuesday is coming up in Tennessee this week, 3/1. I know we are a red state, so I’m very discontented with what is to come. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have hope. That doesn’t mean I can’t idealize a better future, for myself and for future generations. I feel that a world full of love and opportunity will cultivate the best society America has ever seen. We can accomplish so much good when we work together as a nation, rather than choosing hatred and violence to cater to our inner fears. I hope that everyone goes out to vote, whether it’s Republican or Democrat, especially my peers. This election will determine the course of our future, and it’s important that we understand its implications. This isn’t about Donald. This isn’t about Bernie. This is about creating the world we want to live in, so that we can all share the equal right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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